Promotor Industries International

Promotor Industries International are market leaders in both the design and production of portable demonstration and promotional in‑store sampling display stands manufactured in our purpose built factory in Royston, Hertfordshire, UK.

Portable display counters made easy

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Promotor Industries International. The Promotor range ofin-store sampling counters and promotional displays, covers every requirement and application in this product sector. Manufactured to the highest standards. Promotor are recognised as the market leading product of its type.

The originators

Promotor Industries International, founded in England by Michael Jeffery originator of the ‘Promotor’ the first portable demonstration counter is a family owned and managed business specialising in the design, development and manufacture of portable in-store sampling counters and promotional displays.

Through over 20 years of development the Promotor range has grown to become the recognised world leading product of its type. We have been supplying our resellers within retail and promotional marketing channels from multiple supermarkets to shopping malls and convenience stores for decades. The knowledge we have gained through the continuous use of our products in field marketing situations has led to the development of the highest quality, most robust and practical product range available globally.


Sales and marketing support is available to all resellers in the form of imagery, literature, assembly instructions, technical data.

Resellers have come to rely upon the sales and product marketing support we provide to help them win business. Through the utilisation of product marketing materials we aim to help our client’s sales functions to promote, sell more products and in turn drive sales of related services, graphic production volumes and repeat sales.


Manufactured in the UK Promotor Industries International has a reputation for the development and design of products that suit the needs of field marketing products. They must be strong, simple to use and practical to transport and store. Designing the least number of parts by clever use of vacuum forming and CNC technology Promotor products are engineered to last.

The most recent innovations in the Promotor Motion and Promotor Grafix have seen us develop products that provide practical solutions in the field. Promotor Motion has strength engineered into the wheel structure to prevent breakage and Promotor Grafix is designed to make a graphic change fast and simple without the need for fiddly tools. In addition our new ranges also offer the option of iPad holders to further enhance interactive face to face promotion in the field.

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