Eurostand Display

Eurostand Display Limited is a leading trade-only supplier of self-build modular exhibition solutions and display products. All are consistently manufactured to an impeccable level of quality and durability, which is reflected in a 5 year guarantee throughout the product range.

A solution for every need

Versatile and cost-effective, our self-build modular exhibition solutions and display products can be used as either stand-alone displays or combine them to create a customised display.

Perfect for conferences, exhibitions and retail they are easily assembled and manufactured to the highest level.


The founders of Eurostand have been involved in the Portable Display Product market since the invention of panel and pole systems and the first Pop Up and Bannerstand Displays. These products utilised the capabilities developed at the time of digital large format printing.

Our latest range features innovative new products that support the growth of the next new wave of technology in the utilisation of screens, tablets and other new media technology. Our new iPad multi display holders and our latest modular display systems with RotrLink twist and lock assembly, support the application of new media in display environments.


At Eurostand we have a quality policy to ensure our products are engineered to higher standards than the norm. Our aim is to create simple and practical to use products that do not break under the pressure of continuous use.

We are confident our products deliver some of the best solutions in the market and are manufactured to the highest quality, so much so, that we provide a 5 year guarantee on all display products against component failure and manufacturing defects.


Eurostand Display offers resellers the most comprehensive range of portable display products available in the UK. We have built a reputation for integrity, quality and service leading to the development of partnerships with our clients.

From modular exhibition stands and innovative display systems to portable displays for event, showroom, visitor centre and retail you need look no further than Eurostand. Our aim is to provide best in class products supported by first class service to help you sell more.

Resellers have come to rely upon the sales and product marketing support we provide to help them win business. Through the utilisation of free product marketing materials, we aim to help our client’s sales functions to promote, sell more products and in turn drive sales of related services, graphic production volumes and repeat sales.

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